Vijayalaxmi Chhabra

Vijayalaxmi Chhabra

Mrs. Vijayalaxmi Chhabra is a Masters in Political Science from Delhi University (1976) and has been a professional broadcaster in an eventful 35 year long career. This journey culminated in her becoming the Director General of Doordarshan (India) – the worlds largest Public Service Broadcaster – a post from which she superannuated in March 2015.

She has had a diverse media career during which she has worked in key positions at All India Radio (India’s national radio network) as well as Doordarshan (India’s national television network). Early in her career, she acquired a reputation as a domain expert in content creation through award winning radio documentaries on social issues.  She is widely respected as an expert on social content marketing.

In 1995, she was awarded the prestigious Commonwealth Fellowship, which involved a 6-month stint in the United Kingdom to study the ‘Privatization of Radio’, with a special emphasis on social communication and the vibrancy of community-radio setups in England.

Interestingly, she had a dynamic mid-career shift to Marketing & Sales when she took up the role of Director – Marketing for Doordarshan. She enjoyed an extremely successful stint there and succeeded in her endeavor to commercially exploit public service content, generally considered ‘less marketable’ in nature. During this time, she gained wide exposure to the growing media market in India. Through the 4-year span that Doordarshan had telecast rights for all BCCI Cricket series, she also garnered a stellar reputation in the media circles for her significant contribution in the rapidly evolving sports marketing arena.

Her final tenure as Director General Doordarshan came at a critical time for the network wherein it was looking to present itself in a completely new light. She worked towards repositioning Doordarshan away from its legacy associations and reframing a new brand identity for India’s oldest and biggest broadcaster –successfully presenting a new ‘DD’ for the changing face of the country.

After her retirement, she has been writing extensively on handlooms & Saris on several social media platforms. Having garnered a vast following on her pages, she now devotes most of her time as an influencer for the revival of the Sari – also known as the ‘Six Yards’ – as an unstitched garment.


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