Rudrani Chettri

Rudrani Chettri

Rudrani Chettri Chauhan  A 38-year-old who identifies herself as a transgender woman, has been working towards improving the lives of the transgender community through Mitr Trust.

Rudrani founded Mitr Trust in January, 2005 with an aim to reduce the risks of HIV and other sexually-transmitted infections (STIs), and to improve the reproductive and sexual health of men who have sex with men in developing countries.

“Before 2005, I used to go to different organisations, such as HIV awareness organisations, during which time I was an effeminate boy. I went there to understand the phase I was going through, since I was not comfortable with the body that I was born into. My concerns were different, and they were unable to help me in anyway. Rather, they were trying to control me more, which was happening at other places of interaction as well. So I wanted to move out of this uncomfortable situation, and along with a few like-minded people, I started Mitr Trust,” says Rudrani.


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