Namita Gokhale

Namita Gokhale

Namita Gokhale is an Indian writer, publisher and festival director. She is the author of fourteen books including eight works of fiction.

Her debut novel Paro: Dreams of Passion, first published in 1984, was a satire on the elite of Bombay and Delhi created a furore due to its frank sexual humour. Gods Graves and Grandmother an ironic fable about street life in Delhi was adapted into a musical play. Gokhale was diagnosed with cancer when she was just thirty-five and her husband died a few years later. The experience of illness and loss informed her later books A Himalayan Love Story, The Book of Shadows and Shakuntala, the Play of Memory.

Her books of non-fiction include Mountain Echoes which explores the Kumaoni way of life through the eyes of four highly talented and individualistic women and The Book of Shiva, an introduction to Shaivite philosophy and mythology. She had retold the Indian epic The Mahabharata, in an illustrated version for young and first time readers in The Puffin Mahabharata.The anthology In Search of Sita – Revisiting Mythology, co-edited with Dr. Malashri Lal, presents fresh interpretations of this enigmatic goddess and her indelible impact on the lives of Indian women through essays, conversations and commentaries. Priya: In Incredible Indyaa, resurrected the iconic characters from her debut novel Paro.


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