Devanshu Narang

Devanshu Narang

Gypsy, writer, poet, performer, truth activist, speaker, thinker, columnist, rebel, traveler, corporate executive, entrepreneur- Some of the roles that Devanshu Narang has played in this life time. As yet!

The journey continues……. In different roles and in different countries but in the same voice- the voice that speaks the truth as it exists: Bold, raw, un-cut.

This Indo-Canadian is a popular contributor to Times of India for the last six years where his columns appear in ‘Dev-vani’ ( and is also an author of a new book- Naurang: Nine shades of life. Indian culture depicts the Nav-rasas or the nine emotions in various forms of dance expressions while his book Naurang portrays these emotions in Hindi poems and English prose through life events, fictional and real and highlights the inner feelings of a soul who has experienced his own enlightenment through them.

Devanshu represents the common man and adds voice and words to their silence and struggles.


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