KLF Campus @ IIMC, Dhenkanal

KLF Campus is a students and community engagement initiative to take literature out of the books, newspapers and festivals to dedicated 1-2 hour one-to-one sessions with leading thinkers, poets, performers, musicians, singers, writers, novelists. These sessions would start as bi monthly at a reputed education institution space, academic seminar halls at universities, institutions and schools. The youth icons and the legends will engage in a conversation and Q&A on a particular topic, issue or theme, a book or a trend. Designed for young college go-ing students and book lovers and for the individuals with a literary inclination. Some sessions may be master-classes in writing poetry, short story, novel and script as well. Special sessions can be designed as per the re-quest/demand of the host as well.  

The Kalinga Literary Festival is up with its newest venture, to merge art with academics. We are to start the initiative at the doorstep of IIMC, Dhenkanal, and enrich the minds with interactive sessions.

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