Vim Nadera

Vim Nadera

Victor Emmanuel Daelo Carmelo Nadera Jr. is a Professor 3 from the University of the Philippines
Diliman on secondment. As the Director IV of the Philippine High School for the Arts, his programs and
projects include Perya ni Andres (2013); Makiling Inter-Cultural Arts Festival (2014); Araw ng PHSA
(2014), Bayani ng Sining (2014) with The Outhstanding Students of the Philippines Inc.; the Rice
Awareness Project (2014) with the United National Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
(UNESCO); the electrification of the National Arts Center in Mt. Makiling, Los Baños, and the establishment
of a PHSA Campus in Bay, Laguna.

Together with his wife Ellay, he founded the Foundation AWIT (Advancing Wellness, Instruction, and
Talents) Inc. in 2008 after their four-year old son Awit, who had Global Developmental Delay, succumbed to

After taking his B.S. and M.A. in Psychology from the University of Santo Tomas, he became an
expressive arts therapist to cancer survivors, persons with AIDS (PWD), drug patients, “comfort women,”
streetkids, as well as victims of abuse, calamities, and grief. During the 50 th anniversary of the Philippine
Society of Oncology, Inc. on 11 September 2014, he was honored with the Community Service Award for
conducting poetry workshops in different cancer wards. A former commissioner of UNESCO National
Commission of the Philippines’s Culture Committee, he is a member of the Commission on Higher
Education’s Technical Committee on Literature and the Philippine Center for Gifted Education’s Board of

As part of the NCCA Committee on Literary Arts, he was chosen to defend its final choice for the
controversial National Artists Award in 2009.

Some of his projects include the text-a-poem contests such as Textanaga (2003), Dalitext (2003),
Dionatext (2004), and Textsawikain (2005). He also initiated the first student literary conference called
Panitikabataan. During his term, Likhaan: A Journal of Contemporary Philippine Literature and the
Gawad Likhaan: The U.P. Centennial Literary Awards came into being. The portal to Philippine literature is his brainchild too like Pistang Panitik or Literary Fiesta which coincides with the
annual Manila International Book Fair since 2006. For three years, he had been the proponent of
Pagpupugay sa mga Pambansang Alagad ng Sining.


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