Tarun Vijay

Tarun Vijay

Former Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha  (Uttarakhand), President, India China Parliamentary Group CII— Member, Board of Governors, Parliamentary Network on World Bank and IMF. Mr Vijay is an author, traveller, filmmaker and poet. A fighter for dalit rights, faced fierce deadly stone pelting  by priests in Uttarakhand for helping  Dalits’ temple entry, writes regularly on  security and East Asian affairs. His two books – one on PM Modi’s biography and economic vision and another on Kailas Manasarovar- were selected by  Sichuan University to be translated into Chinese. He is also an international car rally driver- led ASEAN-India Car Rally’s India-team in Nov.-December 2012 and drove in seven countries.

Conceptualized and organized Indus Festival in Ladakh; led India’s first-Indus expedition from Demchhok to Batalik; He is an environmentalist, tribal activist – who has been fighting NE youth’s battles in Delhi and helps tribal children get free education. He is a keen photographer.  His photo exhibition on river Indus was held in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Lucknow. Travelled 32 countries. 23 books published in Hindi and English, -some titles-An Odyssey in Tibet, Saffron Surge (Haranand), India Battles to Win (Rupa). He writes regular column in more than 22 newspapers including Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, English, Punjabi, Urdu, Malayalam and sometimes in Tamil . He participated in the Shangri La dialogue in Singapore. Also led a multi party Parliamentary Delegation to Japan in October 2014.


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