Pranesh Prasad

Pranesh Prasad

Pranesh Prasad has about two decades of international tax policy and leadership experience in international institutions, as well as the private sector and academia.

He is also a writer of literary fiction and his previous works include the novels ‘The Ultimate Laugh’ (2011) which explores terrorism and identity and ‘A Half-Baked Life’ (2013) which delves into the consequences of genocide and displacement. His new novel ‘The Hidden Imam’ dealing with caste, gender and religious inequalities will be released this July.

He writes columns focusing on geopolitics and legal themes for The Huffington Post.
He has been a speaker at numerous literary festivals, seminars and conferences in the Indo-Pacific region. He also teaches creative writing in Asian countries.

Apart from writing, he is mostly passionate about animal welfare, cricket, travelling, music and the arts.


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