Issac Jacob

Issac Jacob

Jacob Isaac is a noted bilingual poet hailing from Mavelikara , Kerala, India. With a Masters degree in English literature from S.V. University, Andhra Pradesh, he is the Founder and Director of the Good Shepherd Education Project in South Africa, the country he came to serve in the field of education way back in 1989.

He was awarded Excellence in Poetry Award” during the 22nd World Congress of Poets held in Larissa , Greece. His treatise “Gnananikshepam Padnavum Padavum” won the prestigious Thayattu Award in 2002 and prescribed book for M.G.University B.A. students. He has written many poems which are published in reputed international journals and anthologies. He received many awards in India and abroad .

For his noted collection of poems titled “Sense of Enigma” translated in to Spanish, French, Rumania and Albanian languages.”  His recent poetry collection, “SUGGESTION” celebrating the literary world and translated to Spanish.

He participated in the 34th World Congress of Poets held in Peru in 2014,and was conferred the D.Litt degree for his literary contributions, by the World Academy of Arts and Culture ,a cultural body approved by UNESCO. He was also considered the “Best Honourable English Poet.


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