Anuraag Saxena

Anuraag Saxena

Based in Singapore, Anuraag is the Asia Head for the World Education Foundation, UK (, and leads the Asia partnerships and entry-strategy.

In this capacity, he enables schools and educational-institutions in the K-12 segment with:

a) Tools and strategies to measure-and-improve learningoutcomes;
b) Creating trust-tools for schools to interact with an extended set of stakeholders, such as parents, regulators, boards-ofeducation, etc; and
c) Building relationships with grant-makers and multi-lateral agencies in the education space.

He is originally a Chartered Accountant (India) and an MBA (USA) and has spent his corporate years with GE Capital, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse, where he was heading strategy and change teams across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. Anuraag passionately believes that skills, toolsets and techniques from academia and corporate-life, can and should be applied to solve social and ecological challenges as much as they solve financial ones. Anuraag is an accountant-turned-banker-turned-entrepreneur and is keenly interested in the social impact space in Asia and Africa. He is keenly vested in the education space and believes it is the “ticket out, for most Asian economies to claim their rightful place”. When he is not working, he can be found at stand-up comedy shows or diving.


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