KLF Corner: Shri Jagannath Prasad Das in Conversation with Shri Dipak Samantarai

The Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) on Sunday organised the second KLF Corner here in collaboration with famous Oxford Bookstore at the Pal Heights, Jayadev Vihar to engage with the literary community and the youths. In the second edition, literary youth icon Dipak Samantray joined the conversation with living literary legend Shri Jagannath Prasad Das. He interacted with literary lovers during the session.

“I had decided long back to read other people’s poems before reading mine,” said J.P. Das, and commenced a lovely half-hour of poetry reading. When asked about what he liked in poetry, he said that something which triggers his heart is what he would consider as good poetry, and that others are now free to interpret this on their own terms. We, further, shared our bewilderment on why it took him so many years to write the poem ‘KALAHANDI’. He answered, “I don’t remember under what circumstances I wrote it, but I have a deep connection with it, and such a connection cannot be summed up soon.”

Founder Rashmi Ranjan Parida strongly believes that there is an urgent need to engage the youth icons with the legends in the literary world. He has plans to invite all living legends of Odia literature and have conversations on their own writings, comparative insights, discussions on books and authors those who have won the national and global prizes. He said that there is no better opportunity than this to listen to these great voices and meet them in person and get their autographs and selfies. The program was co-coordinated by KLF team member Saranya Das, Debamitra Mishra, Pradyuman Sekhawat and others.


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